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Reason Wants An Opportunity To Represent South African Rap

Reason Wants An Opportunity To Represent South African Rap – Fans have spoken and we all know Sway Calloway appreciates rappers from South Africa, it has been vivid when you pay attention to the artist that have been invited to the show.

It is beautiful to witness some of our prominent household representing our flag up high. We bring our distinct flare to the game. Now, Reason wants to be the next rapper invited.

Reason ushered to social media to plead with his fans to help him get an opportunity to be part of Sway in the Morning and it works well because he will be in New York around the date set. A hashtag has been making rounds #GetReasonOnSway.

We have had our own attend the event such as Nasty C, AKA and Stogie T have been invited to take part and lifted our flag up high without fail. Fans agree and believe Reason deserves the opportunity to represent our country, he has proved himself worthy over the years. We hope that one day he will have an opportunity to be part of the show. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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