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Zahara Scores More Gigs & Shows Her Fans Gratitude

Zahara Scores More Gigs & Shows Her Fans Gratitude – Following the singer’s alleged accusations opposing her previous record label bosses, the talented superstar has had a stream of bookings, although she claims the bookings are done through her old management which she no longer serves her, the relation has been terminated.

Zahara ushered to her social media to elucidate through her shared visuals that commencing from this day onward, any booking should be done through Oyama Dyosiba, she is now responsible for the PR, also for her bookings.

She has shown her gratitude towards her fans who have shown support to her during her struggle, it was not easy for her to unearth all that has happened, exposing TS records who owe her sums of money.

Although, we all know DJ SBU along with TK Nciza has publicly repudiated the allegations, they maintain Zahara has been paid what is due to her. Anyway, we are just grateful she is still keeping her head up and slowly getting back to the top. All the best to Zahara!

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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