DR Tumi Defends His Right To Vote For EFF

DR Tumi Defends His Right To Vote For EFF – Does it seem Pastor needs to give a sermon to which political party Christians need to vote for?

The award-winning Gospel musician Dr Tumi ushered to social media on the 8th of May 2019 to declare he will be voting for EFF “#IVoteEFF No secret there.”

The caption was accompanied  by the EFF logo, although Pastor K intervened, founder of the Ekklesia Ministries declared Dr Tumi’s choice as “ungodly”  

“I vote EFF,” said Dr Tumi, along with a logo of the EFF, but Pastor K said the doctor’s choice was ungodly. According to the pastor, the EFF went against everything the Bible teaches, and it was Dr Tumi’s job to base his political choice on the word of God.

“As an ardent believer and worshipper of Yeshua how on earth can you cast your vote for an organization that goes everything the Bible teaches. Dr Tumi, you have just revealed who you really are! The biggest hypocrite! You’re making The Gospel of Jesus Christ a mockery man!”

Now, the pastor asserts that the EFF’s principles are against everything the Lord Jesus Christ and his word stand for, therefore it is wrong for him to choose such a party.

Fans defended Dr Tumi:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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