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Moozlie Drops New Fresh – Kwaito Inspired Visuals Titled “S’funukwazi”

Moozlie Drops New Fresh – Kwaito Inspired Visuals Titled “S’funukwazi” – Nomuzi Mabena, around known as Moozlie is a creative, unconventional in her ways, and we love her for that.

The record label owner (Nomuzi Mabena Music) seems to be channelling accurate creative juices. She took to social media to announce on the 2nd of May 2019 that she will be dropping new visuals, asking fans if they were ready for what is about to come? That day is today people! Nomuzi has now released her new visuals on the 3rd of May 2019 titled “Moozlie – S’funukwazi”.

The Femcee continues to thrive with no sign of slowing down. The visuals are established in a typical township house, she comes out looking flashy, colourful to be met by two youngsters, the visuals give off the kwaito genre, retro aesthetics fused with a high beat that takes you back to the 90s. Everything screams vintage, antic, classic.

The two boys dance moves, make you think of Mdu – “The Gibela Phezukwendlu” era, Mandoza – Nkalakatha. The caravan just sweetens the deal with her Lebo Mathosa Blonde hairdo. The dance in the streets with the whistle echoing in the background, nice touch. She just resuscitated the Kwaito genre, nice! 

It depicts the everyday life of the township, the typical doings, kids playing in the streets, gangsters driving in a  “gusheshe,” everybody attempting to make what they have work. I just adore the fraction towards the end, reminds you of that shop that sells alcohol and once in a while they would hire a DJ and all the Kasi people would flock outside to dance till they drop. The execution of the visuals is impeccable, not forgetting her provocative printed costume with those cheeks showing, winks *winks*, well done! 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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