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Ouch, LoL! Do not Mess With Siphiwe Dana Or You Will Become A Mop

Ouch, LoL! Do not Mess With Siphiwe Dana Or You Will Become A Mop – YEEEEY!! Welcome to South Africa, do not be alarmed, we deal with issues real quick! Simpiwe Dana takes no prisoners people and she tells it like it is. Stay Away From Her Man!

I am sure you are wondering what does all this mean, let me take you to a journey. Now, Simpiwe’s man posted a tweet, this is what it had to say: 

 “So I finally got up and made breakie” followed by a picture of some delicious breakkie! I mean we all have a crush somewhere, somehow, right? So, a follower found the man irresistible and asked if he is still linked him to the singer romanticly. 

“Have you and @simphiwedana broken up? I’d like to be yours” – OMG, the response was unexpected, maybe she should have not tagged miss Dana, L.O.L, wrong move altogether.

She responded rather hastily to the tweet and this is what the tweet had to say:
” Sisi phuma emadodeni abantu, ndakukorobha ngawe mna “
What she meant was “She Will Wipe The Floor With Her Behind” – as I walk away!

All right, I’m back, I just love how graceful the events turned out to be the follower apologised and the apology was accepted and all ended well, except for fans who had a party over Simphiwe’s response. Clap back of ages. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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