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Pappa Penny Sets The Record Straight On R15M Funds Corruption

Pappa Penny Sets The Record Straight On R15M Funds Corruption – Pappa Penny, musician, television personality has set the record straight to those artists claiming that the Cultural & Creative Industries Federation of SA (CCIFSA) mishandled funds.

They have been indicted for fraud, mishandling R15 m grant distributed by the arts and culture department. It was outlined by the City Press on Sunday that the iconic artists are not taking a stand to expose the vendetta.

Eugene and Mercy Pakela have gone forth to accuse CCIFSA of corruption. They feel the needs of the organisation have not been fulfilled. 

Now, when  Papa Penny was confronted with these allegations since he held a deputy president for the federations but has since stepped down in February, differed with the allegations. He has no collection of such happenings, on his own account that was not transparent in his comprehension, the “mishandling of funds. that is”

He insists he is no longer linked to that organization. He has an independent recollection of funds distributed to CCIFSA back in 2015 and also in the year 2017 but to his account, all those funds were dispensed accurately to their designated platforms across South Africa. 
“It costs money to have meetings, to plan things, etc.

I know nothing about ‘mishandling’ money. We also submitted (financial) reports to the department every year, so whoever has doubts should check those,” Exclaimed by Papa Penny on TshisaLIVE.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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