Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Msaki In 2019

Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Msaki In 2019 – Msaki is a composer and vocalist- song – narrater from East London, South Africa. She was bred between East London, Butterworth, Grahamstown, Peddie, Nqamakhwe and Cathcart.

Here is the Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About her:

  1. Msaki, real name Asanda Mvana, prior to her current fame she had had two dance songs at the top of the charts attributing Mobi Dixon Love Colour Spin and house music icons, Revolution Springtide and her own single  “Nal’ithemba” was remixed and collaborated DJ Black Coffee’s American emancipation of his album “Pieces of Me.” Although the golden voice phenomenal with a distinct sound is dominating the charts this very day, she started making waves before her fame.

2. Music was a distraction and not important to her – her musical career is proliferating today, she recalls moments when she considered her artistic direction as being a “distraction.” She is no alien to delighting in the spotlight when an opportunity avails itself. From a tender age, she would dominate any family event with her gift of singing.

‘I’ve always been artistic but when I got to high school that thing seemed like a distraction. I wanted to hide the book I used to write my stuff on because art didn’t seem important,” she recollects, she attempted to eradicate her desire to pursue her music career, her calling, we thank God that attempt did not materialise.

3 Turning Down A Record Label Deal – Msaki identifies that her decision to turn down a record label does prove to be strenuous at times, without the support of a big recording company it’s not that facile. I mean this is astonishing, considering she turned down an offer from one of the big recording companies. Although she states she had a concise strategy and a goal for where she envisioned her musical journey to be headed.
“I was still figuring myself so it was not time. It was premature. If you blow up before your time things might not work well. Just because you have the resources and platform doesn’t mean it’s the time,”

4. Msaki independently recorded and released her debut EP “Nal’ithemba” in 2013. Her solo album Zaneliza: How the Water Moves was released in October 2016.

5 Johannesburg is her ‘closed mode,’ where creativity is mentioned.
She executes and concludes in the city of Gold. Now, when there is a song concocted at home (East London), circulating her creative juices, there is a possibility it will discover its completion here and get produced to a masterpiece when she is in Jozi.

6  She was Born and bred into a musically gifted family, an apple does not fall far from the tree, her father, who was a Dj while studying at the University of Fort Hare and also lead choirs throughout his life, was one of Msaki’s first inspirations and influence. It also happens Her grandfather was also a prominent composer and songwriter, consequently, the unfolding events in her music career come with no astonishment.

7. She was in the choir in her younger years.
She struggled to fit in the Choir, she states she could not control her voice box, she had no idea how to fit her voice, how to blend with others within the choir arena.

 8. She performED at NAF2016 – National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. She was able to witness the set advancing daily as the music sank in deeper and watching people become liberated through their art was a highlight for her. 

9Formed her first band – The Golden voice artist then stayed Grahamstown to advance her studies in Visual Art in 2009 and during this time established her first band. She is also self-thought guitarist, this transpired around 2010 whilst studying Art at Leeds University in England.

10. Msaki and the Golden Circle won the Standard Bank Standing Ovation Award at the 2016 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and the Gold Award (1st place) for music, at Cape Town Fringe in 2016.

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Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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