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Watch! EFF MP Ringo Madlingozi Get Initiated In Parliament

Watch! EFF MP Ringo Madlingozi Get Initiated In Parliament – Hahahahaha! Ringo Madlingozi has been baptised at Parliament, given a welcome, as an EFF MP, and not to our surprise he was pleaded to sing for the house. This can only take place in the soils of Mzansi.

If you can still recall there was an astonishing inclusion on the EFF’s parliament list emancipated around March in which Ringo Madlingozi’s name appeared. The elections came and resulted in an increase with members in Parliament and now Ringo is part of the Parliament.

So, as per tradition, he has sworn as well as the other members and that’s when the ambience changed. South Africa is very interesting, so he was referred to as honourable Sondela; I mean if you know his song, his hit song Sondela, you will understand. although it did not end there, he was asked to sing while they wait for the result to come in. when you observe the visuals, you can hear an MP referencing to Ringo to sing a song and saying: “While we’re sitting here can Ringo Madlingozi please fill in the gap.”

And of course, ANC MP Jackson Mthembu also took part saying:  “Cula, Ringo. Cula” meaning “Sing, Ringo. Sing”. 

Watch the Visuals Below:

Although we have to give him props for keeping his cool, keeping it professional, way to go Ringo! The Twitter streets had a lot to share on the matter, check the comments below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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