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We Have Found Keyshia Cole Our Long Lost Zulu RnB Singer!

We Have Found Keyshia Cole Our Long Lost Zulu RnB Singer! – We have a Zulu girl in the United States, it’s possible she ran away during the apartheid era and went to exile.

Well, she is calling out for us. We have a Keisha Cole added in the RnB genre in South Africa. It is official she belongs to us; She is now the Zulu RnB singer we have always wanted, you might want to know how this revelation came to surface, right? 

The powerhouse, RnB singer ushered to social media on Tuesday on the 7th of May 2019 to share a tribute to her fans in Zulu and we South Africans took it personally, I mean it is personal! This is what the message had to say: “Hi EVERYONE … Ngiyakuthanda !!! ngiyabonga ngokungilandela” – 

“Hi everyone. I love you. Thank you for following me.”

She immediately earned her seat in the Parliament for that stunt. L.O.L, we still have to decide which party though. She even received a new name, Khanyisile Cele, also came back to validate her Tweet, assuring her fans she was not hacked, it’s simple, she is “woke”!!!

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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