Khaya Mthethwa Gets Real About The Pressure Of Being Famous

Khaya Mthethwa Gets Real About The Pressure Of Being Famous – When you are a celebrity, your life is filled with press interviews, mayoral convoys, autograph signing sessions as well as receiving love for most parts.

It feels good sometimes to receive love from fans as a star, where fans came in their thousands to welcome you either in person or on social media as their golden boy or girl. Although at times this is not the case

Khaya took to social media to share his frustrations, how being in the front row seat can sometimes lead to high expectations, whilst he wants to be his authentic self, not portray a facade.

A fan responded, showing him an easy way out is possible if the pressure is becoming insurmountable.

Although, he responded asserting God has a purpose with his life and why he had to be in the place he is in his life right now. So, even though he comprehends the negative impacts stardom comes with, he also understands his calling in this world.

A fan asked out of concern about his well-being and re-assured him that he must remember the positive impact he has. Even though it gets tough, his presence is making a difference through his gift.

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Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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