Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Refentse Morake In 2019

Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Refentse Morake In 2019 – Singer and songwriter, Refentse Morake has become a household name in the Afrikaans community. 

It is transparent that Refentse is bringing something distinct to the Afrikaans music scene.

Check out his top 10 below:

1 Refentse Morake is a popular Afrikaans singer who was raised in Vereeniging. He was 17 when he was discovered on the pavement of his home in Unitaspark, a suburb of Vereeniging while playing and singing guitar.

2. The lady who first took note of his talent is – Cecilia Marchionna, or rather Aunt Kleintjie. She reached out to him and requested if she could document visuals of him and share the video on her Facebook. The Facebook video scored 30 000 views on the first day, up to 160 000 four days later, and continues to grow.

3. In April 2015, he performed in the street in Baron van Reede Street in Oudtshoorn, when his best-loved singer, Karen Zoid, walked by and gave him R10 in respect for his endeavour. The same night, organizers at the KKNK ushered Morake behind the scenes of the festival’s opening concert, where he met several music stars, including Karen Zoid, and offered a music contract.

4. Refentse emancipated his debut album My Hart Bly in a Language in 2016, and his second album By My Venster was dropped in 2017.

5. The Vereeniging-based artist Refentse Morake asserts creating music in Afrikaans is not a strenuous task for him as he “dreams and thinks in Afrikaans”. “I feel like Afrikaans is a very explosive and descriptive language so it is one of the easiest languages for me to write in,” he said.

“I think and dream in Afrikaans which means I feel in Afrikaans, and that means I can easily project my feelings in Afrikaans.“.

6. He has collaborated with numerous Afrikaans musicians, the likes of Karen Zoid, Morake states he hopes to collaborate with other artists across different genres in future.

“I would very much like to work with Lady Smith Black Mambazo and a lot of other interesting sounds like Sibongile Kumalo with the Afro Jazz influences”.

7. He is narrated a multifaceted, ardent and Avante -Garde artist, Refentse Morake, has made a name for himself in just three years. Established as a busker, Morake has gone on to perform on multiple stages from the Free State Arts Festival, to Afrikaans is Groot in Pretoria. His grandmother was a janitor in an Afrikaans school and following consistent years of good service, they concluded to put one of her grandchildren through school for free and she chose Refentse. That’s how he fell in love with Afrikaans music and the language.

8. Morake also delights in kwaito and Zulu gospel music, which he would like to incorporate with Afrikaans music on his second album. His aim is to bring the diverse South African cultures together through the power of music. Afrikaans singer Refentse Morake was born after the end of Apartheid‚ and now his music seeks to break racial boundaries to help unite the nation.

9. He is only 21-years-old. In an interview on Akkoord. His parents couldn’t speak Afrikaans and he went to school in Afrikaans from a young age. I listened to Afrikaans music to learn more about the language.”

10. When he was younger he wanted to one day grow up to be the president of South Africa.

“It wasn’t the power or the money or the fame that made me want to be president. I think I was more attracted to the opportunity it would give me to make a difference in other people’s lives. I wanted to make a difference and for the ten-year-old me that meant becoming president.

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Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa


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