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Watch! And Join Lady Zamar’s#MonarchStoryChallenge

Watch! And Join Lady Zamar’s#MonarchStoryChallengeLady Zamar has announced the release her much Anticipated Second Album This Month! Our golden girl, the award-winning vocalist Lady Zamar is getting ready to emancipate her expected new album titled Monarch and she is having fun while doing it.

So, She took to social media to share visuals of her Monarch Story Challenge that is based on the album tracks. All you do is you create a storyline based on the track title selected. You can check her Instagram for a full tracklist of her song, to be able to select.

These are some of the examples below of the challenge:

You also can try it, join the fun and spread the love. Her album is scheduled to be released this month โ€“ no particular date has been disclosed โ€“ although we are anticipating great hits that surpass the previous album.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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