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Watch! Kelly Khumalo Talk about Regret, Drugs, Relationships & Spirituality

Watch! Kelly Khumalo Talk about Regret, Drugs, Relationships & Spirituality – It’s great to see Kelly Khumalo expressive about her past and relationship, she has been followed by a dark cloud for the longest when it comes to her relationships.

Most of her relationships have been ruined by infelicitous circumstances, she confessed that with her current hubby Chad da Don provides all the love she needs, also attached she has questioned God on numerous occasions times why was she not blessed with him, to begin with.

In an interview with Mac G  this is what she had to say:

“God, I probably regret everything except my husband. I’m like ‘God, where was my husband all along’. And also, it’s not so much the regret, I wish I was the woman that I was then, but I don’t resent what I went through. I respect it because I would not know what I know now.”

Kelly explicated that the distinction this time was that she selected a man from a “godly place”.

“Now I have picked from a godly place, where I am like, ‘This man is godly, therefore he will represent everything godly’. I don’t have to tell him not to cheat on me or tell him to treat me right,” she asserted.

She further delved in concerning her life, her career, counterfeit friends and her primary regret, indulging in illegal substances.

Watch the visuals below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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