Lol, Watch! Professor Getting Intune With His R&B Side

Lol, Watch! Professor Getting Intune With His R&B Side – The Multi award-winning musician Professor turned heads a few months back when he released his album “ComposedByJresusChrist, he introduced to fans a new sound, while many are still hung up on old hits that blessed the party streets, he has evolved.

Kwaito icon Mkhonzeni “Professor” Langa states that his music communicates a message that goes beyond music and is blessed by Jesus‚ hence the name his latest album Composed by Jesus Christ.

Now, He ushered to social media to share visuals of him singing along to an Rnb 96 tune. He seems to be flowing with the tune, one of his followers even suggested he needs to follow the calling of RnB since he seems to be submerged in its enchantment.

Watch the visuals below:

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Rnb 96

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Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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