Maskandi Star Mbuzeni Mkhize Excited For Upcoming Collaboration With Rihanna For A Remix Of “Diamonds”

Maskandi Star Mbuzeni Mkhize Excited For Upcoming Collaboration With Rihanna For A Remix Of “Diamonds” – This is huge, big stuff, the maskandi star Mbuzeni Mkhize did not know that when he performed his remix of Diamonds by the Barbados star Rihanna, in Istanbul, Turkey, he will be elevated to new levels.

He will be rubbing shoulders with Rihanna, collaborating for a remix for her 2012 banger ‘Diamonds, how cool is that?

Well, Mkhize, prominent for his distinct maskandi sound, received a call from Rihanna’s team, LA-based, the call explained she wants to collaborate with Mkhize to create a remix for her song, following him nailing her song while performing in Turkey with his own remix, the track was released by Rihanna in 2012.

It is transparent that he made an impact on the audience in Istanbul. He is still digesting the fact that he will be collaborating with Rihanna, the Mkomazi, south-east of the KwaZulu-Natal resident is happy and in shock that he got an opportunity of a lifetime.

This will take place in December, he will be flying offshore to the US with his guitar to create magic alongside the Diamond singer.

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According to Sowetan, he revealed he has been working on the clock to fine-tune the song. It really is an hour to him to be recognised and the maskandi genre to be noted on an international platform and also by an internationally recognised artist.

“Rihanna could have chosen any person to work with her. But she choose me out of hundreds of maskandi artists. For that, I am honoured and humbled. I thank my ancestors for the gift [of singing].”

Listen to the audio below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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