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Pics! DJ Cleo’s Studio Catches Fire After Strong Winds Blew Inside His Yard

Pics! DJ Cleo’s Studio Catches Fire After Strong Winds Blew Inside His Yard – The iconic DJ Cleo took to social media to share an unfortunate tragedy that might have cost him a whole lot more than just a building.

He took to social media to share on the 11th of July That his building caught fire due to strong winds that blew a veld fire into trees inside his yard.

He explains that he was in his home in the time of the incident, he received a call and hastily and rushed there within 7 minutes to check what was the call concerning. He was blessed to discover the firefighters arrived ahead of him, in time to put a stop to the spread.

There is a hero in the story, his neighbour, Derrik, is said to be the first to arrive at the scene, he witnessed the fire and began to make means to light out the fire that was escalating to the car.

We are grateful that Dj Cleo did not suffer and heavy injuries amid putting off the fire, this is what he had to say:

“I Suffered minor burns on my hands but nothing major. Lost some valuable stuff but I thank GOD that no lives were lost, and no big losses were suffered. #Grateful

Well, he is a brand and an icon, even though he was still traumatised, he had to pose to take a picture with the firefighters who admired him for his contribution to the Music industry.

“They wanted a pic (I wasn’t really in the mood as I was still in shock) but I had to gather myself and Be nice coz they really came out gunz blazing and I did’t even call them (they were responding to their call of duty and not dj Cleo) “

Check out the visuals below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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