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Unathi Nkayi Wins Case Against A Joburg Woman She Accused Of Being Part Of Her Marriage Collapse

Unathi Nkayi Wins Case Against A Joburg Woman She Accused Of Being Part Of Her Marriage Collapse – Our favourite Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi’s marriage to Thomas Msengana experienced difficulty following she uncovered that he was reported “sexting” a Joburg woman.

Miss Nkayi also claims to have found sexually provocative images of Noluthando Thando Dlalisa on Msengana’s cellphone. 

Now, these volatile confessions are said to be held in Unathi and Dlalisa’s affidavits, which they filed individually in their protection order conflict at the Randburg magistrate’s court in the previous month.

According to Sunday World, what happened is Dlalisa acquired an interim protection order at the court on June 24 after accusing Unathi of harassment concerning the matter.

If you can still recall, this transpired following Unathi ushering to social media to share her story and asserting that Dlalisa was supposedly sexting Msengana.

When you date back to 2014 when they were still in matrimony, the accused co-hosted the Lunch with Thomas & Pearl show alongside with Pearl Modiadie on Metro FM on weekdays.

Well, unfortunately, Dlalisa intention of wanting to secure the interim restraining order to be lasting did not succeed, the court disregarded and dismissed her application with a price to pay, Unathi brought sufficient evidence to strengthen her case concerning what she intended in her post. Clearly stating they did not amount to harassment.

Her lawyer Andrew Boerner said: “It was disappointing that the court did not come to the protection of an innocent person because this was a classic case of mistaken identity. We are considering further options as there was no evidence, despite the respondent claiming that evidence would be provided in court.

“The conduct is actually shameful.”

According to Sunday World, Unathi put clearly put forth her reasons to what the post entailed and she stood her ground that she had an “unfortunate history” with Dlalisa, whom she claims added to the collapsing of her marriage to Msengana, prominently known as Bad Boy T.

“The essence of my impugned communication includes the following aspects: That the complainant and I have unfortunate history; that my ex-husband and the complainant appeared to be sexting one another; that the complainant’s conduct had a role in my marital problems with my ex-husband; [and] that the complainant [Dlalisa] apologised to me for this behaviour”, read the papers.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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