Watch! Dr Tumi And His Wife Kgaogelo Share Their Journey Together

Watch! Dr Tumi And His Wife Kgaogelo Share Their Journey Together – When you hear the mention of Dr Tumi, it arouses a question of How does it feel it be married to Dr Tumi?

That is the first question Chim asked, although we are glad to see a couple that puts their faith in God progressing to new heights every day.

In case you were wondering how Kgaogelo feels being the wife of a superstar, this is what she had to say: “It feels great, I love how much he inspires others, it feels great.

They have been married for 11 years, met in Polokwane attended a church together, although they did not start dating immediately, and he was in school studying medicine. Dr Tumi basically grew up under church guidance, he was the pastor’s kid. His wife was always conscious, aware of his musical calling, even though he was passionate about business and also in the journey of becoming a Dr.

Dr Tumi asserts that what sustains them and brings longevity to their marriage is their exclusiveness, they do not “Flaunt their relation to the spotlight. His attempt is to always shield his family from the outside world.

“We share everything else with the public, I believe we should be able to keep our relationship to just us”

Their winning recipe to their union is “Communication,” and the fact that they work together, so, nothing comes as a surprise that transpires in their relationship. Dr Tumi’s wife is his manager, which means everything goes through her in most cases before it reaches Dr Tumi.

When they were asked if do they sometimes experience friction in their business relation, they chuckled simultaneously “Not, Really”.

“I think, its also knowing that he is the head and respect him, whatever he wants and how he wants it. So, I think knowing my position in everything helps” – Kgaogelo

Dr Tumi’s wife Kgaogelo studied marketing, that also allowed her to venture into being his brand manager, this was a perfect match in heaven for her because she still gets the opportunity to live her dream with her husband.

“It’s amazing how our worlds just matched perfectly, I am very happy.”

Their journey has been nothing but beautiful, they also touched on Dr Tumi’s relentless spirit, how he created history by inspiring 30,000 worshipers to gather with one heart at DR TUMI concert.

Dr Tumi, popular for record hits such as ‘Nothing Without You’ and the ‘Jesus Song,’ held the second annual Gathering of Worshippers at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on 1 September.

His Lesson on sustaining marriage:

“One of the biggest lessons is that you can do more when you are in agreement and do things together”

Watch the visuals below for the full interview with Chim hosting Dr Tumi and Kgaogelo:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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