Watch! Mahalia Buchanan Sharing Her Words Of Wisdom About The Greatness Of God

Watch! Mahalia Buchanan Sharing Her Words Of Wisdom About The Greatness Of God – GOSPEL – MULTIFACETED musician, established in God, Mahalia Buchanan uncovered that she had golden vocals and has since been the vessel of God, which is impacting the lives of many other people.

Mahalia Buchanan is our own South African gospel artist. Her knowledge in the things of God stems from a firm foundation in church amid Sunday school and later progressed to South Africa’s Joyous Celebration.

When you observe her journey, years later, she is now recognised as an independent artist and God is elevating her to greener pastures. Her calling has granted her with various opportunities, travelled to most countries and has had the chance to share a platform with prominent musicians. She is also a businessperson and a speaker.

Well, you have an idea of the gorgeous, lovely, gospel singer. She took to social media to share visuals of her emphasising the greatness of God.

I LIVE For these moments! 
Where I pour out unending praise unto my God who is so worthy of it!! His life in me awakens me, gives me purpose and reason. 
If I never had a cause on the earth, to worship would still be EVERYTHING!!

This is what she had to say on the visuals:

“We are desperate for more and we make this commitment tonight that we are not living the same way we came and we have come for an encounter and we simply say that you Lord are the highest God. Whatever we place before you and make that the gods we come and we lay it down at the altar tonight and we say that you alone are the highest God.” – Mahalia

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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