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Tevin Campbell Blown Away By Local Designer

Tevin Campbell Blown Away By Local Designer – It looks like our own Local menswear designer Paledi Segapo, has been given an opportunity to dress an American iconic musician Tevin Campbell for his performance in SA, and it was a dream under construction.

As you may know, the 42-year-old R&B crooner took to the stage on Friday night at Sun Arena, in Pretoria, his appearance was smart, groomed, in an exclusive, custom made the suit from Segapo’s label Palse Homme.

According to Sowetan, The pair met initially in 2013 amid Campbell’s performance at Carnival City. The two had instant chemistry and Segapo communicated his interest in designing clothes for him.

“He smiled at me and he was like cool. We took a dope picture which I still have. Now when we met we just continued from where we left off. We started chatting about his career and what he’s been working on.”

Now, there is an African Proverb that says “Walala Wasala,” basically means you snooze you lose. So, when Segapo learnt that Campbell was going to be gracing the soils of SA, he acted without hesitation, made means to get his desire heard across the event organisers.

“They said they will speak to Tevin and find out if he’s keen to be dressed by an established South African fashion designer,” he said.

“They reverted with an e-mailed response from him saying he’s keen. He gave me his colour preference or palate. He wanted primarily a black look.”

Well, we are glad it all worked out, on Wednesday he was dressed in an Egyptian cotton shirt, with a mandarin collar, styled with a Braque jacket.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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