The Iconic Maskandi Musician Ihashi Elimhlophe Release’s New Music

The Iconic Maskandi Musiciuan Ihashi Elimhlophe Release’s New Music – The iconic musician and exceptional dancer Ihashi Elimhlophe has been thriving in the music industry for a while now and has proven his authenticity, creativity and flare.

And he still continues to be dynamic, zestful.

The animated multi-winning maskandi star maintains his standard, distributes the music that is still relevant to a plethora of fans with different demographics. Bheki Ngcobo, emancipated his 29th album, Ama Waza Waza.

According to SunBuzz, he is passionate about producing music, “I regard myself as a lucky human being. I am lucky that at my age, I am still able to entertain both the young and old.” 

The star who has great dancing skills asserts he sustains himself fit by hitting to the gym and eating healthy.

“On this album, I did not only focus on maskandi, but I also incorporated hip hop, jazz, house, gospel, choral and afro-pop,” said Ihashi Elimhlophe.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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