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Watch! DJ Tira Hit With A Bottle While Performing

Watch! DJ Tira Hit With A Bottle While Performing – Our own “ThankYouMrDJ,” the Afrotainment’s DJ was struck with a beer bottle while on stage performing in the premature hours of Saturday morning. 

he could have been half-blind, the proximity of the bottle thrown by a Partygoer at the University of Venda’s All-Black party wounded him directly under his eye.

How horrific, he had to exit and abandon his playset prior to his allocated time due to his traumatic experience and injury. Prior to the inappropriate incident, the audience delighted themselves to his music while others were intuned with the lyrics.

Obviously, they were not all in one accord, as we can observe a bottle flying towards the DJ, he attempted ducking it but still felt the impact.

DJ Tira shared the stage with SABC’s 2018 song of the year winner Master KG, Epidems, Heavy K as well as other local DJs. After he was beaten, Tira went to his twitter account and posted the video titled: “Traumatic experience this morning at the University of Venda.

“Other social media users said the bottle nearly hit him and actually missed.

Tira was shocked that even after he was injured there were those who didn’t believe him.

“Are you saying the bottle didn’t touch me? He questioned.


Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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