Watch! Shekinah Speaks On Handling Her Twenties, Friendships & Career

Watch! Shekinah Speaks On Handling Her Twenties, Friendships & Career – Its the month of August and Apple Music is celebrating Women’s Month in South Africa by focusing the music on our country’s most visionary female artists and the women who inspired them.

Commencing on Friday 2nd August 2019, Apple Music has turned the spotlight on boundary-breaking local icons, such as Shekhinah. Shekinah happened to be number one fro the most-streamed females.

In an interview on YouTube channel, Defining, Shekhinah explained, growing up is not easy, her twenties have been complicated, she described that the procedure of self-actualisation.

“I think I wrote Rose Gold in preparation”

“You think you know yourself and then it’s like, noooo, you don’t know yourself. I thought I was aware all this time. My twenties keep slapping me across the face.”

She understands life is not easy and it can get hard.

“I am grateful for life. It’s part of the journey. As a musician I want to continue to unpack this for as long as I can.”

She emancipated her debut album Rose Gold in 2017, and has been the mastermind/ leader underpinning the upcoming RoseFest Festival of Fantasy on Women’s Day. 

She stated it’s pivotal for her to give attention to hosting an all-female production that’s also headed by female musicians.

Every step I’m making is one that I want to make and that’s a really cool position to be in.”

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“The bank is a big one. My personal life is a disaster. My love life is a disaster… no, it’s interesting.”

Watch the full interview below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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