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How Moonchild’s Life Changed After Working With Beyonce

How Moonchild’s Life Changed After Working With Beyonce – Our flag has been lifted up high, Beyonce The Lion King: The Gift album has been emancipated and we have our local talent attributed.

The album attributes local artists Busiswa and Moonchild Sanelly in a single titled My Power. Anatii is also certified as a writer, composer of two songs on the album, Mood 4 Eva and Brown Skin Girl.

South Africa was in celebration this week when it was released that our own artists have been featured on “The Gift Album” for The Lion King, our flag was lifted so high and we could have not been proud of our local talent crossing the border.

Moonchild explains how she became part of the Lions’ King project and part of Beyonce’s curated album.

“I have been working in this quietly this whole year actually, from the time she used i walk ye phara, I was already helping with the research with regard in exposing and showing them my favourite artists in South Africa artist, with people that were popping.

She exclaims prior to her i walk ye Phara track after the Global Citizen event, she was selected to be Beyonce’s eyes basically, working with Beyonce’s manager and touring Joburg to show him the area and talk about the different talented artists to work with

“And the suprise was choosing my song after I was so open about every other musician”

Also When he came from the US, he asked a couple of people, the people that he trust, who to work within South Africa, so, he got a lot of people saying moonchild.”

She says she met him at the launch party of Global, that’s beyonce’s manager, the whole team was there, dancers and stuff beside Beyonce, and we did the things, and she has just been quite about it ever since.

“I did not know what the project was, I just knew it was for Beyonce, she was directly communicating with the manager and got a glimpse of what the project was about when she was asked for the second time. She has not met Beyonce, nor spoken to her but being part of the production was a huge impact. “

She sounds content that she has ticked the box of her wishes, in this case working with Beyonce and being recognised in the USA.

Watch the full interview below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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