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Social Media Reacts To Lady Zamar’s Advice On How To Handle Cheating Men

Social Media Reacts To Lady Zamar’s Advice On Cheating Men – Sjava could have been the citizen, the resident in Lady Zamar’s heart and no one knew about it!

The two year relationship has been speculated for a while but Sjava has been the king of denying anything that has to do with his love life.

This has come as a shock to fans but the musicians dated for two years and Mzansi had no clue! The songstress, responding to Sjava who shared a picture of the two seemingly in love with a heart emoji.

Do you still remember Lady Zamar’s post concerning the relationship?

“Yeah we dated from June 2017 and ended things March 2019… That’s all so y’all can stop with the questions..Yes he denied it to the media but that’s coz we wanted it to be a private thing… Cats out the bag I guess.. such a pity it had to come out this way. Please don’t @ me”, She wrote.

She ushered to social media on the 10th of September 2019 to vent on how she feels about cheating men, secrete relationships or private relationships. She seems to be dishing out bits and pieces of a relationship that wounded her.

Check out the status below:

When you have a cheating partner chances are they’ll tell you some crap about being private and your relationship being yours and not the worlds.. blah blah blah Secret relationship or private relationship? If they say don’t tell anyone, my advice? RUN

Fans reaction:

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