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Zahara Wishes Nelson Mandela & Winnie Were Still Alive For Such A Time

Zahara Wishes Nelson Mandela & Winnie Were Still Alive For Such A Time – Afropop sensation Zahara is on a winning streak.

She recently bagged another international concert in the UK after announcing a recent concert residency deal with the international hotel and casino conglomerate.

If you can still recall, Zahara publicised a few backs that she was headed To Canada For Her Tour & She left Fans With A Heart-Warming Massage.

She explained that she believes in telling her story to her supporters and she’ll be doing just that with this tour performing some of her best hits: Loliwe, Mgodi, and Umthwalo just to name a few.

Zahara took to social media to share how she wishes, the late former president Nelson Mandela and Winnie Madikizela Mandela were still alive to this day. She misses them as the parents of the nation.

Since Johannesburg and surrounding areas were rocked by a series of deadly attacks on foreigners in recent weeks, with many directed against Nigerian-owned businesses and properties, we wonder what Tata would have said. 

At least 12 people were killed in the violence that left hundreds of shops destroyed. Ten out of the 12 people killed were South Africans, the government has said. 

No Nigerians were killed according to South African authorities, but the violence led to condemnation across Africa, particularly in Nigeria, fuelling diplomatic tensions between the continent’s two leading nations.

This is what the caption had to say:

At time like this, how I wish they were alive, Bazali bam niyakhumbuleka??

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