Top 10 Things You Might Have Known About The Late Lebo Mathosa 2019

Top 10 Things You Might Have Known About The Late Lebo Mathosa 2019 – Lebo Mathosa was born in Daveyton in the East Rand. She began singing at the age of seven in the local church choir.

South Africa’s most electrifying live performers, with a powerful voice and dance routines reminiscent of a young Tina Turner. 

Check Out The Top 10 Things You need to know below:

  1. The Mathosa family travelled to Johannesburg where Mathosa attended the St. Mary’s High School. She started from the age of fourteen, Mathosa was scouted and put to the limelight by music producer, Don Laka who put her in the group Boom Shaka. The group comprised of four other members, Thembi Seete, Theo Nhlengethwa and Junior Sokhela. Their first single It’s about time became a banger overnight. The single became an anthem for teenagers and young adults all over the country.

2. Lebo Mathosa and Thembi Seete both received criticism for their revealing clothes and sexy dance moves while others approved. The two females are queens for introducing a whole new style of dance, fashion and hairstyles to teenage girls in the mid-nineties.

3. Then in the year 1999, although, Boom Shaka’s success, Lebo Mathosa decided to be an independent artist. Her first solo album titled Dream, went gold within weeks of its launch. The album granted her the best dance album and the best female vocalist awards at the 2001 South African Music Awards (SAMA).

4. As you may have known her as a singer, Mathosa had also attempted her hand at acting and took part in the local soapie Muvhango. This was between the year 2004 and 2006, Mathosa elevated until the day of her departure.

5. She had the opportunity to top the charts in 2004 and also created history when she was nominated in the Best African Act category of the UK’s Music of Black Origin (MOBO) awards. 

6. Lebo produced three albums in her lifetime.

  • 2000: Dream
  • 2004: Drama Queen
  • 2006: Lioness.

7. In case you did not know, Lebo Mathosa’s heroine – and a key figure in her career – was the singer Brenda Fassie (obituary May 11 2004), the “Madonna of the townships” who died in 2004. Like Fassie, Mathosa was a diva and a sex symbol. She was a singer of kwaito, dance music that, just as Mathosa did, came from the cultural basement in the townships and cascaded into the mainstream. 

8. She was well known for her dyed blonde hair, her live shows and outrageous stage outfits, and was openly bisexual.

9. One of her most memorable performances was at Nelson Mandela’s 85th birthday party. On 23 October 2006, Mathosa was travelling with her driver when he lost control of the car, leading to them crashing into a tree. She is said to have died instantly. Lebo Mathosa, who has died aged 29.

10. When the kwaito singer Lebo Mathosa was resting in peace, her mothers, her biological mother Judy Peter & Foster mother Nomvula Mathosa squared up for a money battle in the Pretoria High Court. The matter was set down for several days in court, where, among others, expert witnesses were expected to testify regarding customary law relating to inheritance.

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