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Zandi K Weighs In On Marah Louw vs The Fergusons: I Turn Down Gigs, I Never Take It Personally

Zandi K Weighs In On Marah Louw vs The Fergusons: I Turn Down Gigs, I Never Take It Personally – Zandi Khumalo added on actress Marah Louw’s conflict with Connie and Shona Ferguson, asserting that she refuses to work for any production that do not meet her payment standards and it is not taken to heart.

The saga has been ongoing and, Marah was trending on Tuesday when she told participants in a Power 98.7 #PowerDialogue discussion that she earned R65,000 a month in 2003 but was offered “peanuts” by the Fergusons when she later worked for them on The Queen.

“In 2003, I was earning R65K a month. Now I have to be told by Shona, who is a child, that I am too expensive. If you wanna pay peanuts, go find a monkey.”

Marah exposed the producers in the year 2018 following her contract was “terminated, with reasons that the writers had run out of storylines for her character.

What became problematic was the offer she received, a per-call contract which she adressed as “insulting and disrespectful”. Mr Ferguson reported to Sunday Sun that Marah was not shown the door from the show , although, she was in and out of contract.

Let me pick your brain a bit, Today I heard Mama Mara Louw talking about how a child (Shona Ferguson) can’t tell her what’s she’s worth,I’m not an actress and I don’t know how they operate in that field so I really can’t form an informed opinion but here kwa Music I know I turn down gigs every other week cos they can’t pay what I charge but I never take it personal it’s business and we keep it moving……..and then I came accross this tweet on my time-line and I thought to myself this was unfair on the child, do u perhaps think that elders use their age nala kungenasdingo khona? Do we have a serious ageism issue or let’s just give elders what they want?

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