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Lady Zamar Stands Firm Concerning Her Claims Of Abuse At The Hands Of Sjava: “I Said What I Said”

Lady Zamar Stands Firm Concerning Her Claims Of Abuse: “I Said What I Said” – Lady Zamar broke her silence and made it transparently clear that she stands by her confession she publicised concerning the agony she allegedly encountered at the hands of an ex-partner, which is Sjava. 

Zamar shared a lengthy Twitter thread, the detailed thread revealed the pain she allegedly went through amid her relationship with musician Sjava.

She still maintained she had no prior information that her then partner’s marital status Even though Zamar did not mention any names, fans were shock by the revelation of Sjava’s relationship with his wife since Lady Zamar and Sjava confirmed that they had split after a two-year relationship. So, when Zamar and Sjava’s relationship made headlines following Sjava’s wife being introduced to the nation at his one-man show, everything turned sour.

According to Daily Sun that she had healed and moved on a long time ago.

“I said what I said and it is what I experienced. I put it up on Twitter and there’s nothing more to it. I’m not accusing anyone. I did not mean to hurt anyone or attack anyone’s name. Otherwise, I appreciate the support I received.” 

Her reason behind her posts is due to a lot of women encountering abuse every day.

“Too many women have been victimised and I want them to understand it’s not their fault. My purpose is to help young girls understand abuse and fight it head-on. I’ve been doing these motivational talks for longer than I’ve been a musician.” 

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