Maskandi Star Phuzekhemisi Drained By Ongoing Court Case

Maskandi Star Phuzekhemisi Drained By Ongoing Court Case – THE murder case against respected maskandi singer Phuzekhemisi was yesterday morning postponed to 3 December.

Phuzekhemisi appeared in the Durban Magistrates Court, only for the case to be postponed.

“This case has been dragging since December,” last year Phuzekhemisi told the People’s Paper after the case was postponed. 

“I’m drained emotionally and financially.

“I can’t plan my life properly because I don’t know the possible outcome of the case.

“I was hoping that today the case would be taken a step forward, but I have to come back here next month.”

If you can still recall, Phuzekhemisi allegedly shot a band member who later died in hospital. Phuzekhemisi is out on R3 000 bail, while the court proceedings continue until judgment day.

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