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TNS Sends A Strong Message To Trolls

TNS Sends A Strong Message To Trolls – TNS has since released another track and with another statement to his antagonists.

TNS is constantly surrounded by drama in his career. After the whole Prince Kaybee saga, you would think he took a break, nope, Nkazimulo Ngema released a statement.

When you read the statement it focuses on the people that do want to see the young artist succeed. In the Statement the artist says;

“You can pay to take me down and they will take your money and Eat it ,do all dirty things with my name.”

Perhaps looming lawsuit by his former manager for a couple of millions the was unveiled not so long ago, well, in fact, it was released a few weeks before TNS dropped ‘Umona’.

Although, TNS adds that his loyal fans are his support and says that they are the reason he is where he is today.

“But You can’t bribe People’s Love For Me that’s my only hope… Thank You My People for being loyal to me and Supporting me all the way from My Dali to #Umona and #MadlokovuAlbum
MY PEOPLE you have Power  not me, Ngyanivuma Even this December My Only Hope is My People’s Loyalty , You guys know me from Nothing.”

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