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Watch! Cici Attempting To Dance Is The Cutest Thing

Watch! Cici Attempting To Dance Is The Cutest Thing – Cici has experienced difficulty since the days of her breakthrough hit Runaway.

So much has transpired in her life and as you have observed that her sound and her message have transformed too.

The musician- whose debut album Busisiwe has been doing well both in sales and airplay – explained that she would not alter how the world was first introduced to Cici the pop star, and the direction that her career has taken since then reveals her evolution as an artist. 

Busisiwe Edith Thwala, prominently known as Cici, is a distinguished singer and a fierce dancer, her contribution to the South African pop music genre has been vivid and celebrated.

If you can still recall, she was previously involved with Arthur Mafokate, who she launched assault charges due to his intent to do grievous bodily harm, to which he pleaded not guilty.  

she took to social media on the 8th of November 2019 to share visuals of her shaking her booty and glowing with joy and happiness. Although, it seems she was not getting it quite right.

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