Black Twitter Drags Prince Kaybee For Revealing Insensitive Information Concerning TNS

Black Twitter Takes Prince Kaybee Beef With Tns To Another Level – Kabelo Motsamai has been previously accused of taking advantage of Nkazimulo Ngema’s kindness.

If you can still recall the beef that transpired between Prince Kaybee that took place in a war of words previously broke out on social media. Kabelo Motsamai, Prince Kaybee and Nkazimulo Ngema, popularly known as TNS, departed over nonpayment allegations after co-producing hit songs Banomoya and Club Controller.

In a post that appears to be Prince Kaybee responding to a fan who compared TNS with him concerning music. Prince Kaybee did not mince his words in his response and came across as unkind and egotistic. He made it clear that he was not at the same level as TNS, he will wait until he has proved himself worthy before he can engage in and competition.

Prince Kaybee revealed when TNS came to his house he had no underwear, this revelation came forth as he was explaining how he was disappointed in him sleeping with his girlfriend then.

Listen to the clip below:

Well, Black Twitter was not having it and found his comments distasteful and immature, revealing such information as though he has never struggled in his life before.

This is what Prince Kaybee had to say:

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