Gospel Singer Kholeka Reacts To Musica Refusing To Distribute Her Music

Gospel Singer Kholeka Reacts To Musica Refusing To Distribute Her Music – GOSPEL sensation Kholeka Sobiso is fuming following Musica refused to distribute her DVD.

She desired to distribute her DVD recording for her latest album, Your Word: Alibuyi Lilambatha Izwi Lakho to the music outlet via her company, Kholeka Music Productions, but the store won’t allow her.

According to the singer, the store informed her that her company was too small to distribute music for them.

“I used to work with Revolver to distribute my music. But I decided to stop and distribute on my own. I sent the company an email asking them to add my company to their list of distributors. They told me they already have distributors and couldn’t add my company as it’s small,” Kholeka said.

“They gave me a list of eight distributors to choose from and work through them, but I don’t want that. I want my own company to distribute my music. I won’t give another company money to do something I can do.”

The struggle of our lives. As a female in the industry, this is what we go through. Musica refusing to list me as their distributors after years of selling my music. Independent distributors are suffering, now Musica is sending me back where I come from, from big distributors @musica_africa #listmycompany

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