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Here’s How DJ Zinhle, Rethabile & Mvzzle’s Hit Song ‘Umlilo’ Came To Life

Here’s How DJ Zinhle, Rethabile & Mvzzle’s Hit Song ‘Umlilo’ Came To Life – DJ Zinhle has been the talk f the town lately, she has released a banger song in the country, a club banger in its own right Umlilo and she desires that it becomes the song of the year.

DJ Zinhle and the contributors to Umlilo, Rethabile and Mvzzle, circulated their excitement at the news that their song has been streamed 5.3 million times in three months.

The trio were presented with a plaque in honour of their achievement on Wednesday night at Universal Music Groups’ Night For The Stars award ceremony.

DJ Zinhle Announced that they will Premier “Umlilo” Platinum Video Ft Mvzzle & Rethabile – DJ Zinhle is owning the game with her new furniture line, and she has just released the music video for Umlilo!

“We are feeling a little shocked about the news. 5.1 million streams is really crazy,” Zinhle told TshisaLIVE after the ceremony.

“I met uZinhle when she was a judge on the show 1s and 2s. I was one of the top three, so after that I sent her a beat, actually I sent her three beats, and she said, ‘OK, I like these two but this one, there’s something in it. Mvzzle said Zinhle decided to go with the beat of the now hit song. We sent the beat to other artists who agreed to do the song with us, but then they got delayed from recording sessions and everything. And that’s when uRethabile DM’d her and said that she wanted to work with Zinhle.”

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