Khaya Mthethwa Shares What He Has Learnt In 2019

Khaya Mthethwa Shares What He Has Learnt In 2019 – Khaya’s talents span further than just lyrical content, he is an all-rounder who can write, sing and deliver a killer-performance.

Khaya is a self-taught percussionist, keyboard player, guitarist, composer, worshiper and church music director. 

Remember when Former Miss SA Ntando Kunene gushed over her hubby and gospel star Khaya Mthethwa’s role as choral music director on the movie that was hyped up in South Africa Lion’s King. 

Taking to Instagram, Ntando said she was incredibly proud of her man and his hard work. 

“God has elevated you so much. Everything you touch turns into magic. I am so proud of you my love. Your hardwork and attention to detail are only a few characteristics that make you the best in your field. Onwards and upwards baby. Meet the Choral Music Director for the Lion King movie.”

Apart from his hard work, his ministry in the Gospel industry, he is still our celebrity. Khaya took to social media to share that he has partnered with Bonaqua and that he has lots up his sleeve for this summer. We must get ready.

So, he took to social media to share his lessons for the year:

2019 has taught me perseverance and pursuing your dream no matter how much opposition you see! You will have the last laugh!!

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