Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Ami Faku 2019

Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Ami Faku 2019 – Ami Faku is one of South Africa’s fastest rising stars.

Her music, which she calls “modern Afro soul,” blends soul with modern pop and traditional Afro soul sensibilities. Be it on a ballad or over a house beat, the adaptable Eastern Cape-born artist maintains all her traits and soul.

  1. Her love and passion for music started when she was 6 years old.

2. Her Dad was a Pastor at a house church they had at their home and he would let her sing all the time so that’s was how she discovered she could sing.

3. Although, lthough she only started recording music in early 2012 where her producer-only lived a few blocks away from her house.

4. In the last year, 2018, it has been near impossible to avoid Ami Faku; her singles— “Love Drunk,” “Ubuhle Bakho,” “Ndikhethe Wena”—have been a permanent fixture on the country’s radio charts and playlists. “Into Ingawe,” a single in which she’s featured by Sun-El Musician is one of the most played songs on SA radio at the moment, and reached a million streams within three weeks of its release.

5. The singer and songwriter’s introduction to the industry was through the TV talent show The Voice SA in 2017 when she still sang under her government name Amanda Faku. Even though she was eliminated from the competition, she managed to catch the attention of the label Vth Season (home to AKA, TRESOR, Big Star Johnson), which she is currently signed to.

6. She knew she could sing in church. I’m influenced by the church, reggae, hip-hop, and anything that I listen to.

7. She looks up to so many artists. I don’t have one idol, I have many. So I guess that influences how I approach my songwriting and my melodies.

8. She discovered she could write when she first went to the studio, when she was 18. I wrote the song instantly, but it’s only now that I worked on an album and I see how I can write about different things that affect us as people. And it’s not just based on love, it’s based on many things. I look forward to growing as a songwriter.

9. Her album Imali (money); was named after a situation where she felt like things weren’t working out, and it was just darkness throughout.

10. She has two features, There are the only two features, Blaq Diamond and Sun-El musician. Producers, Blaq Diamond (they helped produce the song we are on), Sun-El musician, Eternal Africa and Wilson.

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