Top 10 Things You did not Know About Dr Malinga

Top 10 Things You did not Know About Dr Malinga – Dr Malinga, most people know him as an energetic man who comes into the show packed with flamboyant yet crazy dance moves without forgetting his amazing music.

However, you cannot help but wonder what lies underneath this bubbly personality.

  1. Dr Malinga whose birth name is Goodwill Malinga is a South African record producer and musician.

2. He was born on 7th July 1980 in Themba, Hammanskraal in South Africa. Malinga is signed to Lingas Entertainment, Universal South Africa, Universal Music, Universal Music (Pty) Ltd.

3. His First Album was released on October 2014 titled First injection. He won South African Music Award for Best Kwaito Album.

4. He bought a house worth R 3.2 million. Malinga encouraged people to believe that anything is possible if you believe and work hard.

5. He got married to Boitumelo Mosupye in 2013 and together they have a daughter and his wife also has a son from another relationship.

6. This is a man who came from handing out pamphlets at furniture stores to owning his own music production company and being one of the most highly celebrated musicians in South Africa.

7. One day he saw a sister who was promoting the furniture store by singing outside, and he decided that he also wanted to do that because he knew that he could sing. She gave him a chance, and that was the beginning for Dr Malinga.

8. he went to compete at the cultural calabash competitions and won three years in a row from 1999 to 2001. He was clearly dominating the entire competition and ended up being asked to become a judge because it was evident that he had mastered what it takes to win.

9. His first smash hit was Casanova which was a track made by both him and Dj Choice. This song is what shot him to fame.

10. When Dr Malinga left Kalawa Jazmee, a record company which has signed him, there were several rumours about why he left, some saying it is because of the money. He made it clear that he did not leave the organization with any bad blood because the company taught him a lot. It is given that there were some bad days, but the good heavily outweighs the bad. His contract had ended and also he was looking to start his own record company.

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