Iconic Maskandi Musician Ihhashi Elimhlophe Celebrates His 6oth Birthday In Style With Family

Iconic Maskandi Musician Ihhashi Elimhlophe Celebrates His Birthday In Style With family – The iconic Maskandi musician, Ihashi Elimhlophe, popular known as Bheki Ngcobo celebrated his 60th birthday in style.

The multifaceted, award-winning musician turned 60 on the 28th of December, and just to spice things up, he commemorated a milestone by renewing his vows to his queen, someone who holds his heart dear oMamNgcobo, Linah Ebony.

The Ngcobo family ushered to Instagram to circulate images of how the party went down. They have always set the greatest example when it comes to couples that stay married against all odds. They are truly an inspiration.

We all know the family is saturated with artists. The couple has been blessed with two boys, and two daughters who are musicians, dancers and in the entertainment industry, hence the celebration was outstanding.

It is indeed true when they say age is just a number, in the video shared by Ntombi, who is the oldest daughter, Elimhlophe was dancing like a youngster, doing the popular gwara gwara to the pouncing cat.

In 2019, he toasted his illustrious music career that spans over 40 years with a release of his 29th album, Ama Waza Waza. A solid partnership can be the foundation on which everything else you do is built, so you must make it your top priority at least some of the time, and always when it needs to be. Marriage is something you choose, not every six months, but every single day. That choice can sustain you throughout the rest of your life. Our famous couple has shown us the way.

Greetings good people,let me share with you. This was on the 28th December 2019 when my husband turned 60,we renewed our vows yes I said I still do Love him and yes I married him again,I can’t change him for anything. Blessed by Dr Bishop Twala
He loved me and married me when I was not perfect,and I loved him and married him when he was not perfect,for No one is perfect but love conquers all.we married for love.and GOD IS LOVE.GOD ordained marriage so HE has all the answers to make marriage work. Not only that but to give you Love,peace,joy and happiness in your marriage. Blessed with 2 boys and 2 girls and 8 grandchildren and many more children that GOD has blessed us with. JESUS is the center of our marriage,our Rock. We are not perfect let us learn to forgive each other. Matthew 6:14&15
Let us love 1 CORINTHIANS 13
I love you ALL good people,GOD bless you ubundately in JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY NAME ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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