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MasterKG Allegedly Stood Organisers Up After Payment

MasterKG Allegedly Stood Organisers Up After Payment – PROMOTERS require house musician Master KG to pay back the money.

This follows the Skeleton Move hitmaker didn’t pitch for an event he had been booked to perform in at Ganyesa Village, North West.

Master KG (real name Kgaogelo Moagi) was scheduled to be one of the headliners at an event called Hats and Shades on 26 December, the event that was endorsed by local talent.

Sunday Sun can unearth that the DJ and producer had initially charged event organiser, Lesego Mochware R35 000 for his appearance.

Lesego explained Master KG owed him R50 000. He said the singer was booked through a promoter named Siks.

Said Lesego: “At first, Master KG asked for R35 000 and we deposited R20 000. Before the gig he said he didn’t realise the distance to Vryburg, so he demanded R40 000. A few days before the gig he asked for an extra R10 000.

“Because people were looking forward to seeing him performing we paid the remaining R30 000 but he didn’t show up.”

According to reports from WhatsApp conversation between Lesego and Master KG, seen by the SunTeam, he confirmed to have received the deposit. This after Lesego sent him proof of payment.

He was scheduled to perform at 6pm and was pleaded to make a video clip promoting the event, which he also did.

In the video, Master KG is seen calling on his fans to attend.

Master KG said: “I didn’t give them their money back as we had agreed on doing another gig since the last one had failed.

“I never said I was too busy to do another gig. Agreement was that the final payment must be made seven days before the show. I can’t wait for people who don’t follow my instructions. “And the guy I was talking to asked for R5 000.

“The deal was that the final payment would be made a week before the show. I can’t wait for people who don’t follow my instructions.”

Lesego said he doesn’t take nor reply to their texts and the gig ended with fans fighting because they paid to see him perform

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