Top 5 SA Musicians Over 40 But Still Looking Good 2020

Top 5 SA Musicians Over 40 But Still Looking Good 2020 – Turning 40 is a stepping stone towards middle age, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still look and feel good.

It’s easier now more than ever to age gracefully. With the right look, the right habits, and the right attitude, you’ll have everyone wondering if you’re not 10 years younger.

Anti-ageing foods include, but are not limited to, watermelon, pomegranates, blueberries, lobster, kale, and eggs. Also, if you smoke it’s really time to quit. Nicotine causes blood vessels to get smaller on the surface of your hands and face, impairing the flow of blood. When that happens, your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen or nutrients that would normally help you look younger.

Well, check out our top 5 beautiful, handsome, exquisite SA musicians who we believe hold the fountain of youth in their backyards, someone needs to confess. They all have different reasons for looking young, but we have our own assumptions, lol. Or perhaps some are just blessed with good genes, while others exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet and know how to slay when in public. We must admit being over 40 never looked this good!

1 Nhlanhla Nciza (41)

2. Simphiwe Dana (40)

3. DJ Fresh (47)

4. Theo Kgosinkwe (46)

5. Black Coffee (43)

Black Coffee

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