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Idols SA season 12 Winner Noma Khumalo Fights Over Funding

Idols SA season 12 winner Noma Khumalo Fights Over Funding – The artists who succeed are the ones who see it as their job to create the career they want.

Much of what happens in this industry is beyond your control (like winning an audition, being cast, or getting booked). Many artists focus on and lament their lack of control. But if you seek empowerment and autonomy, you’ll be poised to succeed. If you take action you’ll get results, No action, no results.

Many artists have accused the arts and culture department of owing them money and project funding. They require department head Ntokozo Chonco to be evoked from her duties The group included Idols SA season 12 winner Noma Khumalo, maskandi icon Phuzekhemisi Mnyandu, and their leader Thokozani “Tzozo” Zulu.

They arrived by force at the department’s offices in Pietermaritzburg, KZN yesterday, blocked officials’ path, and necessitated to see Chonco.

According to reports they didn’t get paid following performing at events. She said the department delays payments to event organisers.

“I’m here in solidarity with KZN artists,” she said.

“Artists are poor because the department is refusing to fund their projects. Sometimes it’s as if we’re performing for free.”

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