Top 5 Breath Taking Fashion Moments By Zinhle Thus Far In 2020

DJ Zinhle, businesswoman, Kario’s mama has been established in the industry for 15 years and she is still thriving and relevant.

She has been making a name for herself, Zinhle is a force to be reckoned with, resilient and she is consistently honing her expertise.

When scrolling through DJ Zinhle’s Instagram feed, it quickly becomes clear that this celeb is a style chameleon — she pulls off both glam and casual looks with aplomb. 

We also applaud the fact that she’s not afraid to experiment. After all, anything can look high fashion if you wear it with confidence.

Check Out Her Top 5 Breath Taking Moments Thus Far In 2020:

1. Pink with a mixture of peach lace with a slit dress with flowery decorations is what a princess must look like.

2. Woman In Black, leather to be specific and those shade make a daring statement. Respect the boss Lay yall!

3. White T-shirt with bold black letters paired with race track pants and black pencil boots is a fashion statement only a few can pull off.

4. Mama Kario with abs in her mom jeans paired with a transparent blouse and a CK bra with her favourite pointy black boots.

5. She looked stunning with her cream-white wide-leg jumpsuit at Somizi and Mohale’s union and the hair was a successful accessory with that matching belt around her waist.

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