Top 5 “Snatched” Body Moments By Unathi Nkayi Thus Far In 2020

Top 5 “Snatched” Body Moments By Unathi Nkayi Thus Far In 2020 – If you haven’t seen how snatched Unathi’s body has become, you surely have been living under a rock.

The Idols judge started her fitness journey a few years ago and we’ve all been witness to how much healthier she has looked and felt since.

Unathi hasn’t always been in the shape she’s in now – she’s been playing the long game, putting in the work consistently and persistently and it’s paid off. “It’s taken me seven years to get in this shape,” she says. That might seem like an eternity in today’s fast-paced world where we want everything right now. But science has proved that when it comes to weight loss, slow and steady wins the scale.

Also, media personality Unathi Nkayi wants people to know that she is proud of wearing locally made clothing, hence she always shows support and makes it look so easy with her well built physic.

Check out her top 5 Body snatched moments thus fain in 2020:

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