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Watch! Black Coffee Reveals The Impact Music Is King Has On The Culture Of Music

Black Coffee Reveals The Impact Music Is King Has On The Culture Of Music – It is every artist’s dream to host a successful music concert to promote their music and others and this is no different for the multi-award-winning DJ Black Coffee.

But the international DJ wants to take his music concert further and expand it to three parts where he will focus on art, music and fashion. DJ Black Coffee desires for the music industry to connect and work towards the same goal of elevation.

Black Coffee led by example by encompassing numerous stars on the lineup of his Music is King concert this year and highlighted that the industry can be very toxic.

“It is..fake is a terrible word but there is no real unity. My dream is to create a family out of this where we can call each other for collaborations.”

“They are a lot of producers that are not so well celebrated that are extremely forward-thinking and most of the music they play is not part of the radio driven or commercially inspired, its just music as an expression. “

Its been happening over the years,these guys have been making music. One or two people would pick it up and eventually it phases away, ,ost of it is never released and i feel like its time we start highlighting and bring them to the four front, so they can have a platform where it is not really about radio charts, its more about touring, performing as well. This is what we try to do.”

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