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Watch! Lady Zamar Reveals Her Fears, Lessons While Hospitalised For Surgery “Don’t Ever Take Life For Granted”

Watch! Lady Zamar Reveals Her Fears, Lessons While Hospitalised For Surgery “Don’t Ever Take Life For Granted” – Lady Zamar attest she believes in the gospel of love “Love means understanding, love means acceptance of everyone.

Two years after the release of her debut solo album, Lady Zamar remains one of the biggest female artists in South Africa.

The singer and songwriter, who is known for her house sound, has won several awards and sold scores of albums. 

Lady Zamar reveals she has never been a person who dictates how others should conduct their lives. “I know Christianity and religion is such a sensitive topic for people, I just wanted to make sure that people understand my faith is God”

She advanced in saying people are allowed to put their faith in what their hearts desire. Although the gospel of love is the greatest, Lady Zamar explicated and advocates that many should follow that direction. She firmly believes if individuals gravitated towards the love of God and learnt to love one another, things would be far better.

‘The problems of the world are born from hatred, selfishness, violence”

Lady Zamar urges her fans to live life to the fullest because it’s fleeting, as the bible mentions “No man is promised tomorrow”.

Life is amazing. You only get one use it wisely

This is what the caption had to say:

I had multiple operations which I’ll talk about in a doccie soon but after a few days there were massive complications that had me in a life threatening situation and I’m so blessed that my amazing Doc caught all of it in time. I was hospitalized from Thursday the 20th of February and discharged today. I will never ever ever again take my life for granted. The time in there was the longest I’ve ever spent in hospital and I was soo scared. God pulled me thru. Jennifer Hudson’s song He Pulled Me Thru is perfect for my experience.
Thank you all the people who prayed for me, bought me flowers and visited. The hospital and their staff are and were amazing. My doctor is a superstar. God Almighty is amazing

Watch the video below:

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