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Zandie Khumalo Plans To File For A Restraining Order Against Her Sister Kelly

Zandie Khumalo Plans To File For A Restraining Order Against Her Sister Kelly – The saga continues, what might have appeared as a publicity stunt is turning sower, as it appears that there will be no reconciliation for Zandie Khumalo-Gumede and her older sister, Kelly Khumalo.

Zandie is reported to plans to file for a restraining order against Kelly. This follows claims she was trapped to appear on camera.

If you can still recall, the two sisters trended half a day when Zandie decided to “publicly divorce” her sister due to Kelly’s reaction to an article which implicated Zandie’s husband and former Mabala Noise PR person Mhlo Gumede had supposedly utilised Kelly’s name to coerce money from an event organiser. 

Well, following the distressing “divorce” letter, fans of the sisters anticipated they would patch things and bury the hatchet.

Although, Zandie’s latest post shows they are far from reconciling.

Zandie took to Instagram to level hectic accusations against her sister and the producer of SABC1’s Real Goboza. She said what was supposed to be an interview about her new single turned into an ambush which she believes was orchestrated by the pair.

Haibo! Guys so my sister KK gatecrashed my RGB interview where me and Lindani were promoting our song Akwanele today. Yazi I fail to take her seriously after today and I just laughed. I was as if yes girl, really? Is this the level you are prepared to stoop to?

“So her and Sydney Mekgwe (her friend) and Real Goboza producer planned an ambush that she will come in while I’m busy with my interview with her reality TV show cameras, same show that I refused to be part of and disrupt my show so she and her management or lack of it thereof came up with a way to bully me into their reality show,” Zandie said.

The singer said the incident wasn’t the first of its kind and that Kelly had allegedly publicly bullied her before.

In a post which has been deleted, this is what the caption had to say:

Our lawyers are dealing with both her and RGB management and will be serving both of them but I spoke to my mother and we agreed that tomorrow I’m filing a restraining order against her because we all know how she gets and this bullying and abuse is now too much.”

According to SowetanLIVE’s sister publication TshisaLIVE, they attempted to contact the SABC for comment, the public broadcaster explained it believed it was Urban Brew’s place to comment on the matter as it produced the show.

Also, Kelly is said to have not responded to the narrative attempts to get her side of the story at the time of publishing this article.

Stay tuned!

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