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DJ Zinhle Celebrates A major Milestone & Reveals A Nickname Her Late Father Used To Call Her By

South African Female Deejay and businesswoman, DJ Zinhle, showed to be emotional following a fan user referred to her by her nickname that her late father used to call her by.

DJ Zinhle took to social media On Wednesday, 25 March 2020, to initially respond to Oskido celebrating with her new track. Kario’s mama is not about to let her confidence get shaken. She keeps on rising above all negative obstacles.

DJ Zinhle collaborated with Dr Duda and Lucille Slade, Go!,  and currently it is the most played song on the Radio Monitor statistics on social media.

On top of the charts!

Now, she has been in this lane before with “Umlilo,” DJ Zinhle’s fans saturated her “Time Line” to commemorate her, with one fan addressing her as Nhlenhle. DJ Zinhle became astonished and moved by the comment that she responded by unearthing that that was the pet name her father used to call her.

Check the posts below:

Stress! My dad used to call me Nhlenhle..

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