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Lady Zamar Comes With Guns Blazing For People Who React To False Information

Lady Zamar Comes With Guns Blazing For People Who React To False Information – There have always been newspaper gaffes, and journalists have never been error-free.

But fake news is something else and much more dangerous: it is fictitious messages, which exploit the functional logic of social networks.  Users can get upset at any time. Certain hot topics can be effortlessly instrumentalized: the fear of alienation, the abuse of power, questions of war and peace.

Twitter has been divided ever since Sunday World revealed that musician Lady Zamar has opened a case of rape against ex-lover, Sjava. 

According to reports, Lady Zamar opened the case in November last year at the Lyttleton police station in Pretoria. It has since been transferred to Thohoyandou police station for further investigations. 

Lady Zamar took to social media to share a subliminal message that emphasises the point that people need to stop reacting to false news. She urged people to get as much information as possible before coming to a conclusion about any important matter.

Get all the facts before reacting.. Stop reacting to rumors and hearsay.. Get as much information as possible .. Reacting to false information is reacting to fake news and misinformation. Know the difference. Knowledge is power

A lot of the problems are exacerbated by companies, governments, and other factors that individuals can’t control. But the internet is full of grifters, tricksters, and outright liars who rely on people’s basic trust to amplify their message.

It’s worth slowing down and carefully navigating their traps to avoid spreading an alarming false rumour, getting angry at a group of people for something they didn’t do, or perpetuating an honest misunderstanding.

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