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Lady Zamar Dishes Out Advice To Fans On how To Keep Safe As Lockdown Is Set To Take Place

Lady Zamar Dishes Out Advice To Fans On how To Keep Safe As Lockdown Is Set To Take Place – Celebrities trend on social media for the pettiest things. But that hasn’t been the case with Lady Zamar.

Since it was made public that Lady Zamar had opened a rape case against her ex-boyfriend, Sjava, in November last year, there have been some serious conversations about rape and consent. Because both artists have remained mum on the topic, speculation has run wild amongst fans.

The matter has not come before the court. Although the case was opened in Gauteng, it has been moved to Limpopo where the alleged incident happened. 

Well, neither there nor here, Lady Zamar took to social media on the 25th of March 2020 to motivate fans to practice self-care. She has been informed like the rest of the country how the Corona outbreak is creating chaos and spreading. Customers started behaving oddly about a week ago.

Now, an unprecedented lockdown is set to take place in South Africa over the coronavirus, with a country of 57 million people told to stay home starting Friday. Virus cases leapt again to 554 on Tuesday, and now at 709 most of any country in Africa. Forty-three of the continent’s 54 countries now have cases, with the total at 2,046, the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Practice self-care.. Take care of you and your family, be safe and let’s keep South African safe. Practice good hygiene and let’s pray for each other. Love always wins 21 days.. We’re stronger together, we’ll make it together. Wash your hands, drink water and SANITIZE

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